Friday, March 27, 2009

The beginning of Surveilance Camera

When the VCR came to the public, the mass media have mix reaction. They tough they have new competitor not only in commercial but also in airing programs and event. Because it required less person to operate which is totally different with full crewed TV program, the Movie industry watch the beginning of this technology closely.

Of course that is just the introduction. The VCR is not created to take away the business of TV industry. It is created to watch people movement for the purpose of security. It is design to hide as surveillance camera for every type of business industry even your own home. Now the dreaded VCR is in its death throes and a more modern innovation has come along that makes recording television programs even easier: the digital video Several manufacturers have different DVR types on the market, including TiVo, Motorola, RCA and Scientific Atlanta. Some companies, such as ReplayTV, are targeting PC users, offering software packages that turn your computer into a DVR. In addition, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba produce DVD recorders that include a hard drive, allowing them to act as DVRs. Some cable companies like Time Warner, Comcast and Cox offer cable television packages that include a DVR. In this article, we'll learn all about DVRs and find out what sets them apart from other recording technologies.

The development of DVR technology have gone to the internet. You can watch live even your are out of the office or miles away in your plant using your laptop. Businesses like call center or outsourcing company and those hiring virtual assistant in Philippines, IT jobs and services, accounting clerks, sales generation services, customer service are some kind of business that is useful in the application of DVR. As investor, you could see not only the visitors in your office but the movement of every member or your employees. This situation could make you better decision in selecting the right person in your companies.

The good thing about this technology is that once setup in your office, you do not need any educational trainor or skills trainor because it is just a computer that automatically saves file in the hard drive.


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dms27 said...

great history.

this is so useful for security purposes. Thank God for technology. :D

Velson said...

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